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here is a list of projects i have been involved in during my work as a freelance

Time frame:since 07/2004
Industry Sector:Automotive
Description:Development of ontology and rule based applications for supporting automotive research and development
Environment:Ontology, F-Logic, Java, Oracle, MSSQL, Eclipse RCP, OWL/RDF
Time frame:08/2004-02/2007
Industry Sector:Automotive
Description:Development of a J2EE-based application
Environment:J2EE, Eclipse RCP, Oracle, IBM Websphere
Time frame:08/2004-12/2005
Industry Sector:Automotive
Description:Development of an editor for diagnosis traces of electronic control units
Environment:Eclipse RCP, XML, IBM Websphere, Oracle
Time frame:05/2005-07/2005
Industry Sector:Consulting
Description:Extension of a project management tool
Environment:Java Swing, Apache FOP
Time frame:02/2005-05/2005
Industry Sector:Consulting
Description:Development of a SWT Gantt component
Environment:Eclipse GEF, SWT
Time frame:07/2003-06/2004
Industry Sector:Paint and Coatings
Description:Development of a web shop
Environment:Java Servlets, JSP, My-SQL, HMTL, CSS
Time frame:03/2003-10/2003
Industry Sector:Consulting
Description:Migration of an access database to MSSQL, extenstion and redevelopment of parts of a content management system
Environment:Java, XML, XSL, Access, MS-SQL
Time frame:01/2003-02/2003
Industry Sector:Consulting
Description:Extension of a customer relationship management software
Environment:PHP, MySQL
Time frame:01/2003
Industry Sector:Consulting
Description:Data import tool for MSSQL database
Environment:PHP, MySQL
Time frame:10/2001
Industry Sector:Finance
Description:Extension of a navigation applet

Furthermore I've worked as a working student in following companies:

  • Hypo Tirol Bank AG - 6 months
  • Hybris - 2 months
  • BMW AG - 6 months

Here are some projects I've done at the university:

  • KUBIK - Kundenbindung durch innovative Internetkommunikation - Best-Practice-Study
  • CAP - Cryptographic Auction Protocol for First and Second Price Auctions
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